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About the Law Offices of Wershow & Cole LLP

Wershow & Cole LLP is a boutique law firm committed to providing outstanding service to individuals, families, and businesses throughout Southern California.  We pay attention to the unique details of each case and take the time to ensure our clients understand their options as well as rights and responsibilities under the law.  Our approach is to combine personalized representation with our expertise in estate planning, trust and probate administration, conservatorships, elder abuse, and real estate. 

With our extensive experience in litigation, we understand the nuances of the court and are able to effectively evaluate the various matters that arise in disputes.  When a probate, trust, conservatorship or real estate case goes to trial, we have the resources, dedication, and knowledge to best present a case and prevail in court. 

The personable atmosphere of our office and the vast knowledge we have acquired from our 30 years of practice will help put you at ease when dealing with life’s unexpected events or the emotional task of preparing for the future. 

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